Happiness @Work

A Virtual Instructor-led Session by KNOLSKAPE
24-SEP-2020 & 08-OCT-2020 | 7:00 PM IST
Zoom Conferencing

About The Event

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Happiness is one of the most significant determinants of professional success. Happier employees work harder, work better in teams, and are more productive. The return on
investing in employee happiness is, therefore, a win-win proposition for any organization.

Leaders need to tackle issues that directly impact team members' performance and morale head-on and create conducive work environments. But how does one do it?

Learning Outcome

  • Recognize the five needs that should be fulfilled to foster happy and successful teams.
  • Identify the significant determinants of your team member's happiness at work.
  • Employ creative and effective ways to address the identified determinants of their happiness and thereby enhance productivity.

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The Speaker

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Raj Raghunathan
Professor of Business,
McComb School of Business, University of Texas, Austin


Objectives and context setting
Framework & leadership imperative
Simulation orientation
Simulation practice
Debrief - Fun-Fact-Findings
Q&A | Discussion and closure

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